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Sump Pumps Havelock, NC Basement flooding or leakage or even water pooling near the foundation are some of the most common problems that properties in NC have. But these don’t have to become a way of life. This is where the basic sump pump comes in. This piece of equipment can effectively transform damp below-grade areas into completely dry and usable living or storage spaces.

In preventing water damage, sump pumps also promote a healthier home environment. No matter which way you look at it, sump pumps are the first line of defense against basement flooding and dampness. We at Drain Rain Seamless Gutters & Exterior can handle all types of sump pump installations. We have been serving clients in and around New Bern, Morehead City, Havelock, Swansboro, Beaufort and Jacksonville for many years.

What Exactly Are Sump Pumps?

These pumps are used in applications where excess groundwater/rainwater needs to be pumped away from a specific area. The pump is installed inside a basin (sump) that collects all the excess water. The two basic types of sump pump models are:

  • Up-right (pedestal)
  • Submersible

Both of these systems are efficient and will work well with regular and proper maintenance. If you have a basement area that’s below the surrounding water table a sump pump might just be maybe the best defense against the infiltration of water.

This piece of equipment is specially-specially designed to remove water from collection basins located within the sump pit. This water is directed to the pit from areas that have natural groundwater swell or from the perimeter drains. The pump can be powered either by water pressure/electricity and may also have a backup component to safeguard against geographic conditions or inclement weather conditions.

Sump Pump Installation - The Work Process

  • Before we complete a sump pump installation on your property, an onsite consultation will be scheduled with you.
  • We need to make sure that the water issue is properly diagnosed so a suitable drainage solution can be designed & implemented.
  • Our experts work closely with you on sump pump model options, sump pit placement, exterior drainage, and all other aspects to ensure you have the best solution.

Custom Sump Pump Installation

If a pump's water discharge isn’t appropriately addressed, the water could just flow right back towards your home. If you already have a pump and find that it is operating non-stop, it is likely being overworked from poor exterior drainage. This will cause the motor to slowly burn out.

Once the pump has pulled the water away from your foundation, this flow then needs to be directed at a safe distance from your home, and at the correct grade. This aspect is something our experts will keep in view while surveying the site. If any grading is needed to be done or pipe extensions installed, we will handle that job expertly too.

For any more information about our sump pump services or to discuss your project details, feel free to call Drain Rain Seamless Gutters & Exterior at 252-725-3992. You can also contact us via this Online Form.

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